Check Engine Light in Toney and Madison

A check engine light should never be ignored. If you’re in the Toney, Madison, or surrounding areas, the auto mechanics at Adept Automotive have the experience to get to the root of your check engine light problem. Our auto repair shop is equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment and tools to service all vehicle makes and models.

There can be several reasons for a check engine light to come on, ranging from a loose gas cap to more serious issues that require immediate attention. Seeing the check engine light can be stressful for car owners, but the team at Adept Automotive will ease your worries by being transparent and upfront about what is going on with your vehicle.

Adept Automotive is equipped with all the latest diagnostic equipment to assess your check engine light properly. We take pictures of everything and send what we find to our customers via text or email. Our customers receive the inspection results but are welcome to see the vehicle, as well. We want to earn your trust, and we know that we do that by communicating with you. You’ll know what we’re doing and why and be able to approve the repair work before it’s started. Bring your car to Adept Automotive when your check engine light is on, and we’ll have you zipping around Toney or Madison again in no time.

If you’re in Toney or Madison, Adept Automotive will get to the bottom of your check engine light and have you safely on the road in no time. Adept Automotive is located at 21330 E Limestone Rd, Toney, AL 35773. Schedule an online appointment and we’ll see you soon.