Electric Vehicle Repair and Service in Toney and Madison

If you are in the Toney or Madison area and need electric vehicle repair and service, Adept Automotive is the right place for the job! Don’t just trust any auto mechanic with electric vehicle repair and service. Your auto repair shop should have technicians who are certified in electric vehicle repair like Adept Automotive has.

Plug-in electric vehicles are good for the environment, and they also save you money on fuel bills. Your EV (electric vehicle) is also less costly to maintain than a gas-powered car. The reason is simple: there are fewer parts to keep. There are no spark plugs, timing belts, or head gaskets, for example. Preventive maintenance on EVs means checking and replacing brake pads, rotating tires, and checking fluids - a service Adept Automotive will do efficiently.

However, EVs are still susceptible to problems even when well-maintained. If you ever need it, electric vehicle repair and service should be done by someone who knows how to solve problems. That’s where Adept Automotive comes in. We believe in staying up-to-date with training, and we have several certifications, including electric vehicle repair and service. The owner of Adept Automotive, Ryan Mazur, does a lot of the handiwork in the shop himself and has an uncanny ability to solve problems other shops can’t solve.

Whatever Adept Automotive uncovers during our comprehensive inspections is communicated clearly to our customers to help you devise a repair plan that suits your goals. If you’re in the Toney and Madison area, trust Adept Automotive with your electric vehicle repair and service or any other auto repair, and you will soon be a regular satisfied customer.

Customer service is our top concern. It’s why we started Adept Automotive in the first place. If you’re in Toney or Madison or the surrounding area, let us handle your electric vehicle repair and service. Adept Automotive is located at 21330 E Limestone Rd, Toney, AL 35773. Schedule an online appointment and we’ll see you soon.